The primaries, neons, and metallics are mixed to make any spot color inks matching your wedding ceremony. Curate your spot color inks on either white or color paper, or a combination of both.

Custom Color Ink

Chances are, you have a unique color scheme for your wedding ceremony and you would like to coordinate your cards to match. All letterpress inks are mixed by hand and color can be customized to match your specs. This example shows rollers mixing red and white ink to make pink.

2-Color Print

2-color printing means that you use two photopolymer plates and two color inks. The example above shows hot pink ink is used for the kisses and black ink is used for the background.


A monotype is a special process whereby color ink is mixed directly on the plate by hand using a brayer and prints are “one-off” originals. With this technique, you are able to produce unique color combinations and build a set based a little more variety.

* Each suite can be customized with your choice of colors, artwork, type, layout, and paper.

Get A Quote!

Let’s get started! First, take a moment to jot down your favorite design options: I want to know which cards you need, your design preferences, and how many wedding suites you’re aiming to print. If you’re uncertain at this point, that’s okay! I’m here to help and guide you every step of the way. Tell me what you’re thinking, and let’s start the conversation about your dream wedding!