Template layouts may be adapted to utilize left or centered compositions and leave space for artwork, such as monograms, illustrations, or decorative borders.

Left Text Only

Left-aligned compositions are a modern style and create dynamic asymetrical intrigue.

Center Text Only

Center-aligned compositions are a classic style and create appeasing symmetrical appeal.

Left & Monogram

Placement of the monogram usually appears at the top of the page.

Center & Monogram

You may alter the monogram’s size and proportions on either the left or centered composition.

Left & Artwork

Artwork may also appear below the names, centered vertically on the page.

Center & Artwork

You may alter the artwork’s size and proportions on either the left or centered composition

Left & Border

Borders may include full-bleed imagery along all four sides, parenthetical imagery on only the top and bottom sides, or embellished corners.

Center & Border

Borders can be thin and delicate line work or thick and commanding illlustrations.

* You may either build a wedding suite from scratch or customize one of the templates (showcased in “The Cards” tab).

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