A place card is a piece of paper indicating what table a guest is assigned to sit. Place cards generally have the guest’s name and table number and can go in any of the following locations on your table: On top of a napkin, set in the middle of the plate, at the upper left corner of the place setting (above the forks), or leaning against the stem of a glass.


The Dior Suite is timeless. An elegant classic serif typeface from 1722 is printed on golden ecru cotton rag paper.

Font: Caslon


The Penelope Suite has pizazz. Penelope reveals brushed hand lettering for headlines and a contemporary sans serif for body copy.

Fonts: Scala Sans and Amalfi Coast


The Romilly Suite displays a cultivated style distinguished by a handsome serif type family that works hard yet plays beautifully.

Font: Century


The Coretta Suite is great for any destination wedding, where distinctive typography and themed artwork are customized to your location or venue.

Fonts: Atlane and Mr. Eaves


The Sophia Suite is a modern geometric style commanding the page through light mono-weight strokes and complementing sans serif type.

Font: Century Gothic


The Katherine Suite is designed for brides with discerning taste. A sophisticated serif font family flaunts prestige through airy compositions.

Font: Caslon


The Jolie Suite demonstrates a refreshingly lighthearted tenderness through informal script lettering and delicate colors.

Fonts: Archer and Heart Love


The Eloise Suite is brassy and bold. Combining the classic elegance of a didone serif with informal script handwriting, Eloise knows how celebrate in style.

Fonts: Bodoni, Archer, and Beholder


The Fiorella Suite combines classic and modern typographic influences with decorative floral artwork that is custom drawn to match your ceremony.

Fonts: Gill Sans and Scala

* Each suite can be customized with your choice of colors, artwork, type, layout, and paper.

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