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Getting Married ?

Let’s print your dream wedding! Every wedding suite is as unique as the couple it represents. You may either choose a customizable template or work closely with our designer to build
an original suite from scratch!

* Engagement Announcements *
* Wedding Announcements *
* Save-the-Date Cards *
* Engagement Party Invites *
* Bridal Shower Invites *
* Bachelor/ette Party Invites *
* Wedding Invites *
* Reception Invites *
* RSVP Cards *
* Directions/Details Cards *

* Envelopes *
* Ceremony Programs *

* Ceremony & Reception Signs *
* Place Cards & Escort Table Cards *
* Menus *

* Wedding Favor Tags *
* Guest Book *
Thank You Cards *

* Not getting married? We can also print personal stationary, letterhead, business cards, coasters, menus, and more! Check out my site for more information.

Design Options

There are a variety of wedding styles and you should be included in the design process every step of the way. Take a look at the design options below and let’s make something beautiful.

1. The Cards

Which cards do you want in your wedding suite?

2. The Layout

Personalize a template or start from scratch

3. The Artwork

Custom imagery of your venues, destination landscapes, mementos, flowers, or something memorable to you.

4. The Typography

Choose treatments for your names, headlines, subheads, and body copy.

5. The Printing Process

Letterpress is a handmade process that embosses the design onto paper, leaving a deep, tactile impression.

6. The Ink

Each print typically has 1–2 spot colors. Any color can be mixed! Choose treatments for your text and imagery.

7. The Paper

Curate the look and feel to each of your letterpressed cards.

8. The Envelopes

Choose envelope treatments for each of your mailed cards including your Engagement Party, Save the Date, Wedding Invite, RSVP, Bachelor/ette Party, and Thank You cards.

9. The Accessories

Embellish your prints with chic and functional parcel sealers.

10. The Assembly

Let me help you with the finishing touches, including professional photos of your memorabilia.

Sample Suite

Order a sample Wedding Invitation Suite to get the feel for luxurious papers with deep impressions.

Letterpress Sample

$10 (includes Shipping)

A sample suite allows you to see ink color options, paper swatches, type and artwork styles, accessories, and the final assembly.

Pricing Options

Basic Invitation Suite

* Includes Wedding Invitation, RSVP, and Envelopes
* Inkjet Printed on Somerset Velvet 172lb

* Customizable Template
* 1 Color

$350– $400

Premium Invitation Suite

* Includes Wedding Invitation, RSVP, and Envelopes
* Letterpress Printed on Crane Lettra 220lb

* Customizable Template
* 1 Color

$500– $650

Luxury Wedding Suite

* Includes Wedding Invitation, RSVP, Reception Cards, Thank You Cards, and Envelopes
* Letterpress Printed on Crane Lettra 220lb

* Original Design Includes Custom Hand-Drawn Illustrations and Lettering
* 1–2 Colors

$750– $900


* Need Additional Cards? Consider including Save-the-Date Cards, Detail Cards, Ceremony Programs, Menus, and Table Cards
* Level Up Your Wedding Suite and Include Any 2 Additional Cards

$150– $250


You will be “hard-pressed” to find a more affordable letterpress printer. Mass market design+print agencies offer inferior quality work and cost 2–3 times as much. Help support boutique businesses!


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Questions or concerns? Take a closer look at the details below
to learn how it all works, or contact me if you need guidance!

1. The Process

1. REVIEW. Take a look at all the design options to see what you like. Jot down your ideas!

2. EMAIL. Fill out the form located at the bottom of every page. If you're not 100% sure which way to go, that's okay!

3. CONSULTATION. Schedule a time for a phone call so that we can sort through the details of what you're looking for!

4. QUOTE. I send you a detailed estimate or estimates based on your design preferences and budget. I'm keen on making sure your needs and wants align with your budget.

5. DESIGN. The creative process begins! You supply the content: names, dates, times, and phrasing to be typeset and reference images so that I can generate your artwork.

6. PROOFING. I email you the wedding suite designs. From here, we can edit the designs to make sure it's exactly what you envision! After you've double checked all the text is accurate, and you're satisfied with the designs, we can shift into production!

7. DEPOSIT + SIGNATURE. A $100 deposit and signed invoice, contract, and proofing sheet will be required to proceed.

8. PRINTING. Your designs come alive! I send process photos along the way so that you can keep tabs. Each invitation is individually printed by hand and inspected for quality control.

9. ASSEMBLY & PHOTOS. The finishing touches to your wedding memorabilia can include the assembly of your paper goods, so that they are ready to mail, and professional photos of the invites in situ, so that you have a digital record as well.

10. PAYMENT. Once your suite is complete, I collect payment in full via check or Zelle.

11. DELIVERY. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, I can personally deliver your wedding suite! Otherwise, I prepare a shipping quote and include on your invoice. I very carefully package your paper goods and mail them via USPS with a tracking number and signature confirmation.

* Please allow 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

2. Shop Policies

1. PROOFING. After you have chosen your design style, I create your wedding suite and email a PDF proof generally 1–2 weeks after our consultation. At this point, you carefully proofread all the text and review the design. If there are any changes you wish to make, it is important that you notify me prior to print. Once you approve the designs, they cannot be altered. Double check addresses, dates, and times for your ceremony and reception. Make sure names are spelled correctly. If you are fully satisfied with the proof, you are required to sign off on the designs, the invoice, and the contract before we can proceed. I will also collect a $100 deposit before we begin printing.

A. Quote: Based on our consultation, I email a detailed estimate.
B. Deposit: $100 following your approval of the design proof. The deposit is applied to the total amount due. Payment is accepted via check (payable to Elizabeth Herrmann) or Zelle (payable to my phone number).
C. Invoice & Contract: Your signature is required to proceed.
D. Payment: Payment of your invoice is collected prior to delivery of your printed suite. Payment is accepted via check (payable to Elizabeth Herrmann) or Zelle (payable to my phone number).
E. Referral: Apply a 10% discount! Please let me know if someone you know referred you, or if you have a code from my business card.
F. Custom Pricing: Every wedding suite is unique and varies based on the complexity of the design, the materials costs, and the timeframe. Please expect the price to deviate from project to project.
G. Transaction Fee: There is a $50 fee for bounced checks or payments made through alternative services such as PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, CashApp, or any similar online payment systems. This is to cover POS transaction fees.
H. Sales Tax: Hillsborough County requires 8.5% on all purchases.

3. CANCELLATION. If you should direct me at any time to cancel, terminate or “put on hold” any previously authorized purchase, I will promptly do so, provided you hold me harmless for any cost incurred as a result. Upon termination of this agreement, I will transfer to you all your property and materials in our control and for which you have paid. If an approved project is terminated early by CLIENT, for any reason, a kill fee of 25% of total project costs, in addition to the non-refundable $100 deposit is due within 30 days of notification of termination of the job whether it was canceled or postponed before completion. Additionally, 100% of the total fee is due if the job has been completed by DESIGNER but not used by CLIENT, for any reason.

4. PRODUCTION. Letterpress printing an invitation suites takes 1–2 weeks. Extra cards and complex designs will take more time, however we can stagger the production if you need some items sooner than others. A more detailed time frame will be given after the consultation.

5. COLOR. Please keep in mind that digital PDFs and computer monitors are an approximation of color. Color using printed ink on paper may appear different in person. Furthermore, hand-mixed ink colors can vary slightly between different press runs. Please purchase a sample suite so that you can get a better idea of the colors you choose. If you choose a color that isn’t on the chart, there is a $15 fee for custom color formulation. If possible, it’s also recommended that you order everything you need at the same time, so that color inks remain consistent.

6. SHIPPING & DELIVERY. All wedding suites are professionally packaged to ensure the contents are not damaged. There are a few different options you can choose from.
A. Sample Suites: Ships USPS First Class and arrives within 4–5 days.
B. Wedding Suites: Ships USPS Priority Mail with a tracking number and arrives within 2–3 business days.
C. Rush Orders: Ships USPS Priority Mail Express with a tracking number and arrives in 1 day.
D. Special Delivery: If you live in the Tampa Bay area, I can personally deliver your wedding suite for a $15 handling fee. Courier-handled packages are recommended as the safest means of handling. Date and time can be coordinated to work for your earliest convenience.

7. RETURN POLICY. Once you approve your designs, I cannot accept returns for any reason. It is very important that you double check the text, especially dates and spelling. In the event of an error caused by myself, I will remedy the problem, even if it means reprinting the cards. You should be aware that letterpress printing means that each card is printed by hand, and one at a time. Thus, slight variations and imperfections are normal. This is what makes letterpress unique and beautiful!

8. PRIVACY. All personal information you provide is confidential.

9. COPYRIGHT. Design and artwork created by My Wedding Rocks is property of My Wedding Rocks and can be used for promotional purposes.

3. Contract

4. Content Guide

Dear Bride! Let’s make this as easy as possible for you! Just exactly what kinds of content do you put on these cards? Below are some helpful tips when composing your basic wedding suite.

1. Save-the-Date Cards. This pre-invitation card officially announces your wedding date and lets your guests know that they will be invited. Save-the-Date cards are sent out as soon as you have set the date and booked the arrangements, which ideally happens 6–12 months before your wedding. The information you include are your names, the wedding date, the wedding location (not a specific site, only the city and state), and a small note to let your guests know that a formal invite will be coming. You may also consider adding your website if you intend to have one, accommodations and travel information, and your itinerary especially if it is a destination wedding. If you’re considering adding artwork, illustrations of the rings, a portrait of the couple, a watercolor painting the flowers, or destination scenes are appropriate visual content to include.

2. Wedding Invitations. The host and request line is written first and denote who is hosting (or paying for) the wedding. Traditionally, the bride’s father made the arrangements, however not all weddings are hosted by the bride’s parents today. Sometimes both the bride’s and groom’s parents chip in or the couple may pay for the wedding themselves. And sometimes parents are divorced and remarried. In these instances, you may list both parent’s names separately. You may use “honor of your presence” when getting marriage at a house of worship and “pleasure of your company” for all other venues. Typically you include the bride’s first and middle name and the groom’s first, middle, and last name. However, if the bride’s parent’s are not hosting the wedding (or not listed on the request line), then she would also use her first, middle, and last name. Whether you use the word “to” versus “and” between the bride’s and groom’s names depends on the aforementioned considerations. Of course phrasing is completely up to you! And whether or not you use nicknames is based on the formality or informality of your wedding. For Example: Mr. and Mrs. ___ request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter ___to ___, son of Mr. and Mrs. ___. Following the host and request line, include information detailing the wedding:
A. Day, date, and time (including the year)
B. Ceremony location and address
C. Dress code
D. You may also consider including an illustration or watercolor painting of the flowers or relevant decorative patterns.

3. Response Cards. RSVP Cards ask your guest(s) whether or not they are able to attend the wedding and reception. You should include a specific reply due date, a line for the guest(s) to write their name(s), a place for them to check whether they accept or decline the invitation, a line to write how many guests are attending, and their food preferences. Wedding invitations are typically sent out 6–8 weeks before the wedding. It is recommended that you ask your guests to respond 3–4 weeks before the wedding date. Provide an envelope with a return address and stamp. When assembling your wedding invitation package, stack all of your cards in order of size facing up, with the Response Card on top. For Example:
M___ [ ] joyfully accepts [ ] regretfully declines
___ of ___ attending
Kindly respond by ___.
Note to Bride & Groom: ___.
Dietary Restrictions: ___.

4. Reception Cards. You will want to print reception cards if your wedding ceremony and reception are held in different locations OR if your guest list varies between the two events. You should include the reception location and address as well as scheduled events, such as the cocktail hour time, dinner time, and dancing time. An illustration of the reception hall or an iconic destination scene tastefully accompanies the text.

5. Details Cards. It is helpful for guests to include any other ceremony and reception information such as the wedding website, directions, or travel accommodations such as reserved hotel room blocks and transportation options for out-of-town guests. You may also include information about other planned activities, such as a welcome dinner or brunch. Registry information can be included on your site to avoid sounding rude.

6. Ceremony Programs. These bi-fold pamphlets accompany the wedding ceremony and “Welcome (the guests) to the wedding of ___ and ___.” The font page should also include the venue name, location (city and state), and date. Inside the pamphlet, list the celebrant and the participants in the ceremony, such as the grandparents and parents of the bride and groom, the maids of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, and the ring bearer. Also list the order of events, such as the processional, opening prayer, readings, homily, sacrament of marriage, liturgy, Lord’s prayer, communion, blessings, recessional, and arch of swords. On the back, you may include a message to your family and friends, a dedication to your parents, and a remembrance to those who are no longer with you. An illustration of the church or ceremony location is typically included on the program.

My Studio

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Herrmann. During the day, I teach graphic design and printmaking at USF and I established my design and letterpress studio in 2016 to keep me off the streets at night (lol). Letterpress is my passion, and I have found that brides are the most fun clients to work with! My studio comprises of four platen presses and a guillotine. I am fully-equipped to print anything you need. I specialize in creating unique, high-quality, hand-crafted letterpress wedding memorabilia that you can cherish for years to come, and on a budget that works for you!


Email me to discuss your project or fill out the form below!




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